The Top 10 Travel Destinations in Malaysia


Malaysia’s multi-culturism due to its complex population structure where Malays, Chinese, Indians and other ethnic groups of people live together peacefully and happily, has led to many exciting cultural festival and events held all over Malaysia throughout the year. Not to mention those mouth watering multi-cuisine foods that you can find here. Same with that is our popular travel destination where travellrs could simply find everything they like to see, do, and explore in a tropical country from highland cooling hideaways, deep tropical rainforest exploration, clear and calm sea snorkeling and scuba diving to crazy madly clubbing and shopping. Similar to that again is its tropical weather where sunshine, hot temperature with showers could be expected throughout the year, Malaysian people are warm, friendly with smiles on their faces throughout the year.

Among the Top 10 Travel Destinations in Malaysia that travelers must go are:


Feringgi Beach

Mostly populated by Chinese community, travelers could find incense and temples everywhere in Penang. The ‘must-do” items includes visiting the Kek Lok Si temple, Penang Hill, Snake Temple,  trying out full varieties of our local Penang foods, sightseeing world heritage architectures, sun-bathing at the beautiful Batu Ferringhi beach as well as exploring the ‘spicy’ little Indian street.

Cameron Highland

Cameron Highland

The hinterland at highland where you can visit tea plantations in the cool air, sipping tea at cafes, viewing flowers and cactus plantation, as well as trying our local steamboat lunch and dinner. You can also play a round of golf there too.

Taman Negara

National park

With the thick rainforest surrounding you, try jungle trekking, tracking elephants with your leech-proof boots. kayaking and overnight at Kenyir Lake. Fishing and exploring the National Park at Endao Rompin.

Pulau Redang, Perhentian, Kapas or Tioman

Pulau Redang

These east coastal islands are best for snorkeling, scuba diving, photographing live corals and sunsets! You can also witness turtles laying eggs at sea shore if you are lucky.

Sarawak and Sabah

Gunung Kinabalu

Climb the massive Mt. Kinabalu, visit the mythical Borneo where you can see wild Orang-utan and off course, taste plenty of fresh and cheap seafood! Off the shore of Tawau is the famous Sipadan “scuba diving heaven” Island.


The Stadhuys Melaka

The historical city with many ancient architectures and cultures inherited from the Portuguese, Dutch and Spanish. Travelers could learn more on the local Papa and Nyonya community and its culture. Plan a short trip to Melaka to take colourful travel photos.


Langkawi Island

Big island with all sorts of activities to explore includes the Eagle Square, grand Perdana gallery of art by our previous premier, Tun Dr. Mahathir.

Kuala Lumpur


The capital city of Malaysia. The heaven for entertainment, shopping, drinking, and people watching. Travelers need at least 3 days to visit tourists spots such as the Petronas Twin Tower, Batu Caves, Tasik Perdana with Birds Park, Orchid Garden, museum, zoo, royal palace, chinese temples etc. The best way to explore the city is by utilising its Integrated Railway Systemto connect to most travel sites.



A new government administrative district where you could visit the lake, botanic garden, mosque and also to appreciate the grand architectures with nine bridges reaching the district surrounded by a man-made river.

Genting Highland

Genting Highland

The 1-stop entertainment, hotels and the only casino in Malaysia, all on top of a mountain over 5,00o feets from sea water level called Genting Highland.

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Beautiful Flowers

Flowers are wonderful creation of the nature to word, which always let everyone feel positive energy inside them. Flowers are of many colors various shapes with amazing fragrances, different Types of Flowers have different habitats and unique features as each flower color shows different meaning to society e.g. white meant for peace red for love, yellow for friendship. Peoples love to have flowers from their garden to bed room from private offices to public places because it just not only splash which we do but it’s beautiful part of our daily life which always full us with life and also motivate with good energy There is huge list of flowers available in the various parts of word but some names which are famous are as given below


rose 7 Types Of Flowersrose 4 Types Of Flowers

Over than 100 of species are available of roses with different colors and sizes with attractive petals, most of roses are habitual to Asia few are to Europe and Africa also northern region of America. Some of these species are Austin, Alba, Bourbon, Buck etc.



This is a beautiful species of flowers which is found on mountains Europe, Atlanta and a lot of places around 110 species are of tulips, peoples love to have tulips around them it was originated from Netherlands and spread worldwide because of its goodness.


orchid-1 orchid-4

Orchids are spread over worldwide with around 20000-30000 species and every species has its own charm. Orchids are used widely as it’s cultivated for food also; arrangement of these in marriages is also one of the common things in our social environment.


daisy 1 Types Of Flowers    daisy 7 Types Of Flowers

Your collection of flowers cannot be completed without daisy flowers these are one of the amazing nice looking types of flowers these flowers grow better in sun or partial shady places daisy will give a perfect look to your garden or house in  which you can enjoy your morning to evening, with great verities of these flowers. There are a lot of species which belongs to daisy are:-

Dainty daisy—starts from end of winter to summer.

Alaska Shasta daisy—found mostly with yellow and white blossom which looks great.

Crazy daisy—it gives feathery look , one of the famous species

Clara Curtis daisy—annual pink petals.

Lilly Flowers

lily 1 Types Of Flowers     lily 3 Types Of Flowers 

It is most common in Europe and Asia especially in Japan region, this kind of flowers have leafy kind of stems which is 3-7 feet in height. Flowers of lily are big and full of awesome fragrance. These flowers are planted in gardens and potted also. A lot of hybrids have been developed with a huge formation. There are different type’s lily species which are as given:-

Rain lily-  as its name shows rain lily blossom mostly during rainy season

Calla lily- its structured like bulb, petals are moistly

Tiger lily- it’s a beautiful spices grow ditches also tiger shady

Asiatic lily– good for initial gardening comes with huge variety


carnation 1 Types Of Flowers    carnation 5 Types Of Flowers

This is one of the hard flower belongs to pink with sweet fragrance, they do contain single and double blossom with well structurally arranged petals. They grow or tall up to 4-20 inches, these are mostly pink or peach in color. Flowers of this type grow in various patterns’ and sizes with huge range of habitats.

Lris flowers

lris 3 Types Of Flowers     lris 1 Types Of Flowers

Name of this has been taken from Greek word which meant for rainbow, structure is somewhat like a fan covering with other petals in lobed way. Juice o these flowers also used with vine, these flowers blossom 3-4 weeks.


delp blue 2 Blue Flowers    blue flower 3 Blue Flowers

They are around 6 feet long flower species and can be wide up to 1 foot. They are habitual to the soil which has great combination of organic matters. If soil will not suit them with appropriate combination of organic materials they cannot blossom at their best. Sometimes they do require extra effort for the best blossom results.


aster blue 2 Blue Flowers    aster 3 Blue Flowers

These aster flowers are bluish in color or they are very light blue colored, asters are 5 feet long with 3 feet wide structure. Cut of the petals in these flowers is long and very organized.



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So Cute!

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Which is most important to you?

MPj04394090000[1] 1 Family Best_friend_Puzzle_by_Lara_Princess

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The giant panda has a body shape typical of bears. It has black fur on its ears, eye patches, muzzle, legs, arms and shoulders.

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2NE1  is a band consists of  CL, Minzy, Dara and Bom.

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